Sunday, July 1, 2012

Geri's Office

This is one room that I actually liked in it's existing state at time of purchase. It had window light from 2 walls and had built-in cabinets and a nice long closet wall.

One of the first alterations to the room, once the adjacent sunroom was done was to remove the aluminum window from the common wall and replace with leaded glass. I had 2 glass windows purchased from Hippo Hardware in Portland. I had the third one made from a local craftsperson locally to complete the triptych arrangement. The DIY hardwood frames and molding were then made to conform to the existing rough opening.

Next were removing the built in cabinets (so much for liking said cabinets),and replacing the east aluminum window with a wood clad one with b/w glass dividers . I would have much preferred a full divided (dividers on each surface of the double glass) but finances at that time did not allow for that.

I made a desk for my then fiancee and now wife using purple heart and walnut, one of my favorite combinations of hardwood.
When replacing the closet slat doors. I chose pine panels for the replacement doors due to the price and weight of that wood. As I did not want a ceiling light due to the room's low ceiling, the opaque glass let the closet light serve as lighting for the room.

The bookshelves are a combination of legal bookcases given as a gift from a retired colleague and Ikea hacked bookcases. As illustrated, the available shelves are maxed out.

Geri's non-school relate books will go to the expanded living room bookshelf space which in turn will allow the upstair sewing machine area to decompress.
The daybed serves as seating and storage for mat boards and other paper goods that are too large for the flat files upstairs. The ends also have storage space.

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