Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Only a few days before the living room re-do starts. I'm sorta on schedule to complete my survey of house-mending up to now. As can be seen, not much to like about this room to start- small closet, ugly doors and little aluminum windows.
The east/south view
The west/closet side. A functional obsolesence is the small size of the closet:
The main measures taken to mend this room were new paint, new windows, (one of which was DIY), DIY closet doors and window shutters. The shutters let me get away with using a window that had simulated dividers b/w the glass panels. That was what I could afford then. After that we bought carpet which has stood up well for a dozen years. The DIY bed frame and board has 4 drawers under the mattress support which helps to ameliorate the small closet.
In the apple does not fall far from the tree dept, my mom made the quilt as a present to Geri and I.
Another simple solution to lighting and bedtime reading was the shelf behind the headboard.
One of the enjoyable aspects of our home is it's heterogeneity (yes- I had to google that one to spell correctly). I've been accused by, among others, my spouse and my mom, as having a monastic approach to house furnishings. The sunroom and this room are
good manifestations of that bent.

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