Monday, June 25, 2012

Hallway Bathroom

There was nothing I liked about this bathroom.

The lack of daylight and use of flourescent lighting were remedied by a skylight installed by my friend Rigoberto, who also installed the tile floor. I put in a replacement wood window with frosted glass to finish remedying the lighting. As the window doesn't supply much light as it's by a breezeway, we used the stained glass for decorative purposes. When I moved to Oregon, surplus stain/leaded glass windows were in good supply and replacing the frames was simple. Geri did the painting on the wall.

The vanity was replaced by a DIY cedar sinktop that I finished with a marine polyurethane finish. The Cats have worn the finish down as it's their drinking fountain; since cat's claws over a period of time will wear anything down, it been left as is

See what I mean?

The floating countertop, basin and wall mounted faucet help to solve the limited width of the bathroom. The other solution to the dimensions was to build the cabinet between the studs. Fortunately, most bathroom supplies fit in shallow spaces

As with most of our house, there is still work to be done- the tub and shower area are still- em, suboptimal, but overall we're happy with the space as is. It seems that a prevailing trend in houses is fancy or aspirations-to-fancy bathrooms. Not the case in this old ranch house.

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