Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to School

As our kitchen update neared completion to the extent that the space could be used again, DW began to anticipate returning to work for the new school year. She had been looking at teacher easels and asked me if I could fix the remnant of an old easel that had been used by her mom

Once I saw what she wanted to use it with- a Walmart 2x3ft dry erase magnet board, it was apparent that the little easel would not be up to the task no matter how much I re-habilitated it.

I was tired of working on the house and had been thinking that it would be fun to make an artist's easel and this would be a good training exercise. I had enough leftover material from the kitchen update that no trips to the hardwood suppliers were needed. I was all set for the easel to be ready for her birthday as well as the first day of school.

DW then thought it would be great if it could hold chart paper as well. We looked for the loops at the local office supply places; the needed hardware was only available online. Thus ordered and the project placed on hold. Shortly after, I came across what would occupy both of us for the next 4 weeks and what will be the topic for the next post. I had been looking in Craigslist for hardwood flooring as the carpet in two rooms was waay overdue for removal. There it was in Woodburn in packaging and condition a little different than retail.
That project was finally completed last weekend which is why I'm on the keyboard now  In the meantime, last week the rings came in and today the easel is ready to go to school.

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