Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Monster Cookie

        The official name is The Monster Cookie Metric Century; named for the cookie provided at the finish line. It's Salem's most popular bike ride event. Event bike rides are normally not thought of with affection; but the Monster Cookie (I don't know anyone who uses the official name) holds a soft spot for me. It's not a ride that takes itself seriously:

        But is has the feel of an event:

        You can enjoy it at 10mph or at 25mph. Thus there are those in full race club kit as well as decidedly less serious attire.

        One of the many reasons I like Salem is that even in town I don't feel crammed in aside cars and inhaling their fumes. It doesn't take long to be in quiet country roads. The roads leading to and around Champoeg State Park are particularly picturesque.

         It's a flat route, which is what makes it accessible to so many levels of riders, but the distance covered gives us participants a real sense of accomplishment. We all exert ourselves- just at different speeds.

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