Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A friend's impression of the home was that it suffered from a lack of light. To address this, the initial plan for this room was to have windows and a door comprising the length of the 2 new walls. Bldg and Safety had other ideas like "too many windows" for example.  I revised the original plan to include tall windows and skylights which let in plenty of light.  I made the windows as I could not afford commercially made wood windows and I could not refinance the house until the addition had windows installed.  So, limitations imposed can be a good thing.   Here's the patio before the change. I'm fortunate to have even these suboptimal photos. I was focused on changing the house and before and after documentation was not on my radar. The east facing wall and shed roof did not help the ambient light of the living room. Replacing the aluminum sliding window with french doors was the first thing I did to the house.

Here is framing stage. The crew pictured are my mom, a non-biologic but by all other measures aunt who was visiting from Mexico, a long time friend from Los Angeles and myself. The photo was taken by a neighbor from across the street who very shortly after the photo was taken introduced me to who would become my wife. One of my favorite photos.
The sunroom now:

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