Sunday, November 18, 2007


Signing up for a permanent is kinda like a blind date-agree at your own peril. Not like the weekend club rides where you can look at the weather that AM and decide accordingly. Even more flexibility exists when riding on my own. I looked at the weather sites all week hoping for the best. As Saturday came closer I was pondering the likely reality of a long, cold, wet, and windy ride. I asked myself why am I doing this?- what is the big deal about an R12 award?? Usually I save the inner whimpering dialogue for a painful interlude somewhere along the ride, not before even starting. Conflict led to resolve when John and Joanne called to set up a time and place to meet prior to the ride. These two don't need designations/certificates; they just like long rides.

The ride started as I had hoped it wouldn't- temps in the low 40's, headwinds and driving rains. And the hilly portion of the ride was at the start. I told my fellow travelers that if they wanted to know what a large chunk of PBP was like- well, they were experiencing it. We did get a return on our headwind investment on the way back, which greatly improved my spirits.
Past Amity, John remarked that he was worried about us as he was seeing blue patches of sky. That was accompanied by warming temps and flatter terrain. The remainder of the ride was positively benign. Further on, the Fall skies put on an absolute show. Photographers live for conditions such as were present on Saturday, especially in the late afternoon. A few photos to remember a gorgeous afternoon:

Such are the rewards of risky weather, ignoring my inner wimp and having great riding companions.

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