Thursday, September 6, 2007

Claus, Detours Addendum

Follow up on some of my negative feedback
Des Peres Travel. I was looking forward to dry clothes and a blanket at the drop bag site in Loudeac, only to find the contents soaked. I found there were quite a number of folks in similar circumstances. At the airport, one of riders who had experienced this had asked for a refund and advised me to do the same. I had a couple of details go awry (reservations in Paris for one) and was not feeling benevolent towards Claus already. I subsequently found out about his assistance to a severely injured rider- actions totally not part of a travel agent's job description, His inattention to some details becomes than ameliorated by how he responded to Peter Noris' predicament.
Detours- Unfortunately, their bags had something to do with wet clothes, camera and brevet card. The drop off bag developed a several large holes on the bottom; to what extent this was due to handling is certainly debatable and not necessarily due to the bag's quality. As for the front bag, the contents becoming soaked were in the setting of prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall and not using the yellow cover supplied. Live and learn. Otherwise a great product that I'll continue to use with application of water repellant spray and cover when appropriate. Terri at Detours was very gracious in offering exchange of the damaged bag for a new one. Their customer service deserves public acknowledgment and thanks!

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